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New Applicant Please read.
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Sun Feb 10 2013, 02:20am
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Foxhound Clan Rules of Conduct.

1. Respect decisions made by Admins of Foxhound Clan at all times.

2. Respect all members of Foxhound Clan at all times.

3. No cheating or hacking will be tolerated by any members of Foxhound Clan, anyone proven to be using hacks whilst in this clan will be expelled immediatley.

4. Do not start "Flame Wars" either within the clan between members or with members of other clans, there are always Admins available within Foxhound or within the Leagues we play in, follow grievance procedures where necassary to lodge a formal complaint against another member, player or clan.

5. Respect the "Tags", while you are wearing the Foxhound Clan Tags you have a duty to your clan to be respectful to all, weather playing in a Foxhound server or public server respect all others at all times.

6. Be as active as possible, where possible join Team Speak when playing online, members who are not active for long periods of time may have their membership deactivated/ deleted.

Forum Rules.

We like to encourage the use of the forum to all our members, but please refrain from posting offensive or pornographic material or links to sites that offer such material, any posts containing such content will be deleted and the member asked not to post that kind of material again, repeat offenders will leave the Admins with no alternative than to restrict or take away forum rights.
What line is drawn for acceptable/ un-acceptable content is a difficult one, whilst we do not want to spoil anyones fun or dictate exactly what can or cannot be posted, rather we ask for you to use your own judgement and common sense before posting, if in doubt, ask an Admin first.

Grievance Procedure.

If at anytime you have a problem with another member of this Clan or it's Rules of Conduct, or a problem with another Clan in which you feel action needs to be taken, please contact an Admin as soon as possible, all members have a "Messenger" tab at the top of the website which can be used to PM Admins in confidence, alternatively you could use Steam chat or email to voice any concerns.

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